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i) Introduction

Building knowledge and skills in the workplace

While staff have some individual responsibility for building their own knowledge and skills workplaces are also responsible and need processes and systems in place for example:

Staff meetings
Staff development forums
Participation in interagency meetings
Training workshops

Learning resources for these situations are in Section 11 Building knowledge in the Workplace.


How can we embed relevant knowledge and skills in our workplace?
What processes and systems need to change to more appropriately provide services to people with ABI?

Building capacity in the services sector

The services network of people with ABI is imperfect. There are some great parts. There are good parts. There are missing parts. The primary drivers for working with the services network are:

  • What are the person with ABI's goals?
  • What does the person with ABI want in order to achieve their goals?

The approach is: Do what it takes - to meet the goals of the person with the ABI

Local services need to work together to appropriately meet the needs of people with ABI.


What are the local service network issues in working with people with ABI?
What could be done locally to address these issues?



ii) Key points: Graphic

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