b) Services in NSW    

In 2010 the Pathways and Protocols Working Group, a sub-group of the Steering Committee for the Interagency Agreement on the Care and Support Pathways for People with an ABI prepared:
"Care and Support Pathways for People with an Acquired Brain Injury, PDF
Referral and Service Options in NSW
". May 2011 (3.1 Meg)

This document includes both sample pathways and lists of services.

The lists of services include:

1 Information and service directory for people with an ABI
2: Rehabilitation in NSW health for adults
3: ADHC program options for adults with an ABI
4: Home and Community Care Program (HACC) options
5: ABI rehabilitation assessments and interventions
6: Housing NSW product options
7: Mental health program options
8: Drug and alcohol referral options
9: Lifetime Care and Support Scheme
10: Corrective Services NSW
11: Other services