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i) Issues for carers friends and family members

Issues that carers, friends and family members may have to work through and/or deal with are:

  • The extent of personality & behaviour changes
  • Changes to accommodation needs
  • Managing respite for themselves and their family member with ABI
  • Access to social support
  • Access to behaviour support
  • Understanding and managing mental health issues following ABI
  • Involving others in their lives, loss of privacy.


ii) Ian's parents Clip 7 (6 mins)

Ian's parents talking about the event that caused the ABI, the impact that it had, what they have learned and what they are hoping for. (6 mins)


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Answer the folowing question

What is Ian's parents biggest concern?
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That's our biggest concern. Just somebody who is able to look after Ian's interests one hundred percent.
What we are looking for is more Mums and Dad's when we are gone. A pipe dream.