This site is for people learning to work with people with ABI.

Self study

MODULE 1: An introduction to Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

MODULE 2: Working with people with ABI

Each module includes:

  • Text, videos, case studies, questions & answers to check progress & Pre and Post-tests

People with ABI,  tips

An orientation for people new to working with people with ABI:

  • Types of ABI
  • People with ABI - Video stories and other case studies
  • Practical tools and tips for working with people with ABI
  • Practice wisdom - from people with ABI, family members . . .

Case management & services

An orientation to case management and the services network

  • What's case management
  • Understanding the services network

Building Knowledge

Strategies and resources for learning in the work place:

  • Worker roles - who needs to know what
  • Using team meetings, workshops & supervision for knowledge building
  • Resources - handouts, videos, graphics, books . . .
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Structured learning

This site is for people learning to work with people with ABI.

It provides structured learning opportunities and resources for people to use as self-study and/or in the workplace at team meetings and forums and/or in supervision.

MODULE 1 Intro to ABI       MODULE 2 Working with people with ABI


To get the most from the site see: Using the site.

If you are working on building your own skills see Building knowledge: 10. Worker roles for ideas on what you need to know and what resources will be useful.

If you are building knowledge in a workplace see Building knowledge: 11. In the workplace for ideas and resources.