Take the Post-test   

Taking the Post-test is a way of checking you have learnt the key concepts.
If you have taken the Pre-Test before you completed Module 1 you will be able to compare your answers from the Pre and Post Tests as well as check your knowledge in more depth.

Completing the Post-Test can also be a way of showing your organisation evidence that you have worked on the module.


When you take the Post-test for Module 1. An Introduction to ABI you will be asked:

a) 5 multiple choice questions that are identical to the 5 questions in the Pre-Test for this module.

b) 10 questions about the content of the module (these questions are a mix of closed questions and open ended questions which you answer by typing in text).

If you are answering the questions for yourself the open-ended answers could be in point form.

If you have been asked to give evidence of completing the module to your supervisor you may want to write longer open-ended answers.

c) Four questions about how useful the module was for you (so we can get feedback to improve the module).

d) Three questions about your role and geographic location - so we get an idea of who is using the site

e) For your email address - so we can email your completed questions and answers.

Take the test in one sitting

Take the Test once only.
You will need to complete it in one sitting.

On completion

When you Press the DONE button:

a) The questions and your answers will be emailed to you

b) You will be able to access and print a page of sample answers to the questions.

The sample answers for the open-ended questions may be longer than yours as they are intended to help you check your answers.

If your organisation requires evidence that you have completed the module you will be able to show them your completed test and the sample answers.

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