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i) Building individual knowledge and skills

Staff working with people with ABI need specific knowledge and skills to help them work appropriately.

There are many roles in working with people with ABI including information and referral staff, support workers, program staff, case managers and managers.

All staff need:
a) An introduction to ABI
b) An introduction to appropriate ways of working with people with ABI

There are on-line self-study modules available for each of these topics on the web site www.ABIStaffTraining.info

Staff with specific roles may need additional skills, for example:

Information and referral staff - conversation skills & being open to the possibility a person may have an ABI

Support workers - strategies for managing specific behaviours, communication skills, skills for building independence

Program staff - strategies for managing specific behaviours

Case managers - making case management appropriate for people with ABI and goal setting for people with ABI

Managers - skills in identifying and managing the disillusionment process than can happen with support staff working with people with ABI.

There are online learning materials available for these and other topics in Section 10 Worker roles e) On-line learning. There are also self-study modules available on many topics for example building independence, communication, mobility, management.


What knowledge and skills do I need for my role?
What are the learning opportunities available for me to gain this knowledge and skills?



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