f) Case managers   

1. It can be hard to get to know people with ABI - I need to give myself the time I need to do this. I need to get to know them both when they are fresh and when they are fatigued. I need to get to know them over weeks, months and longer periods of time.

2. A person with an acquired brain injury has had a life before the injury. Unless they are very young when they had the injury they will remember the life they had. Grief and loss will be part of the process of rebuilding their life. Family members also have to work though this.

3. Sometimes people with ABI can be abusive or aggressive or difficult to relate to in other ways. I need to not take this personally.

4. Gains with ABI clients can be slow in coming - I need to make sure I don't give up too soon. Or get caught in the disillusionment process.

5. In working with services I need to have an approach of

  • Do what it takes to get the person with the ABI's goals met

6. See yourself as part of a team - not just the team in your organisation but part of a team of all the people involved with the person with ABI. Identify the people is this team - professionals, family, friends, community.

7. The priorities for services are:

  • Generalist services where possible
  • Disability services where necessary
  • Specialist ABI services where necessary.

8. Changes for people with ABI happens in the day to day. Ask yourself: What changes need to be put in place to enable change to happen in the day to day for this person?

9. Service providers are often not flexible enough for the needs of people with ABI. I will need to advocate on the behalf of people with ABI for services to be more flexible and change their policies to make them more appropriate. I may need to be ready for some fights.

10. For people with frontal lobe damage case management may be episodic as needed for life - e.g. as major decisions are needed or significant change happens someone may need to be the proxy for the frontal lobe for this person - and this may be the case manager.