c) Friends   

  1. The person with the ABI needs friends.

  2. It is easy for friends to drop away because they no longer understand the person with the ABI.

  3. The person with the ABI will be the same but different.

  4. Understanding how they are different is a key part of moving on.

  5. Understand what the future is for this person.

  6. What do I need to know to understand how to relate with my friend now.

  7. The person with the ABI needs to be part of the decision making.

  8. You are not alone with this experience.

  9. You are part of a wider team of people.

  10. Friends go through grief, loss and re-discovery of their friendship.

  11. Sometimes social boundaries can be crossed, stepping across previous boundaries - friends - sexual boundaries.

  12. Be clear about your friendship and the degree of commitment that's realistic for you to stay connected with this person's life - visiting once a week, once a month, etc.

  13. How can you support this person to be connected into the wider community?