b) Team meetings   


At staff meetings there is often an opportunity for 10 to 15 minutes to report on current initiatives, activities staff have undertaken, such as training, and so on.

There are opportunities at staff development forums to have a longer presentation on specific topics . Sessions might be 45 to 90 minutes long.


Topics that could be used in each of these opportunities (for varying lengths of time) are:

What is ABI?
Working with people with ABI
Tools and strategies for working with people with ABI
Working with people with ABI - A case study
ABI: The emotional impact
Case management and working with people with ABI
Building knowledge and skills and service network capacity

Processes and resources

The processes and resources needed to run these sessions, whether for 15 minutes at a staff meeting or for 45 to 60 minutes at a staff development session are in Section D. Staff and agency meetings and forums of the PDF
Working with people with ABI Materials for facilitators and presenters PDF

The Handouts Worksheets and Tools referred to in the Facilitators and Presenters materials
are available as a PDF Working with people with ABI: Training materials Handouts, Worksheets & Tools PDF

The suggested processes are illustrative rather than comprehensive. The processes can be changed to suit the situation.

The suggested processes assume that a data projector is available for showing videos and/or interactive graphics from a computer.

Videos are used in all the processes to ground the work in real people with ABI, their families, support workers, case mangers and so on.